Alpe Adria 2017 Event

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The headquarters and the observatory of the A.F.A.M. are in Piazza G.Miani, 2a, Remanzacco (UD)

"WARNING - on 17th September there will be the marathon Udine / Cividale, therefore SS54 road will be closed, providing alternative routes - see map 1 and map 2"
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27th Alpe-Adria meeting - AFAM Remanzacco - 17 September 2017

Programma preliminare
9.30 - attendees arrival-registration to the meeting
10.00 - welcome from the AFAM President
10.10 - greetings from the local authorities
10.20 - Communications from the AlpeAdria coordinator
10.30 - Invited Video Conference - Prof. Ferdinando Patat ESO

Extremely Large Telescope: the giants gets up

After finishing site works at Cerro Armazones and after completing the road to reach it, on May 26, ESO laid the first stone of the Extremely Large Telescope. After signing contracts for dome and telescope mechanics with Astaldi / Cimolai and optics with Schott, this was the last formal step for starting the real construction.
Now we do not go back anymore: the biggest telescope adventure of the earth has really begun. In my presentation I will illustrate the project and the scientific cases that generated it, describing the difficulties and the expectations.

11.30 - coffe break
11.45 - talking start - duration max 15 minutes + 5 minutes for any questions starting from the geographically farthest rapporteur
13.15 - group photo - lunch time - lunch break at a local restaurant (optional) - 20 Euros
15.30 - resumption and conclusion of the talks
17.00 - choice of the site for the XXVIII-2018 Conference - End of jobs

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